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We are pleased to invite management and staff from every airline operating AIMS, to attend the AIMS User Conference 2023, to be held on September 6th - 8th at the Myriad Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.


The main focus of the Conference is to network and exchange ideas related to achieving the maximum productivity and subsequent cost savings from AIMS. Additionally, we plan to bring you up to date with the current enhancements of AIMS together with news concerning future projects.

Customer Feedback - Rate our Services

Although comments are optional, your feedback is valued and much appreciated

1.How satisfied are you with the system reliability (uptime)?
2. How do you find AIMS system performance (speed)?
3. How well does AIMS functionality cover your business needs?
4. How would you rate the training and implementation received from AIMS?
5. How would you rate the quality of the response received from AIMS support?
6. How well does the biannual AIMS release process work for you?
7. How complete and accurate do you find the AIMS documentation?
8. How satisfied are your Crew with the use of e-Crew, or your Ground reps with the use of e-Ops?

Thank you for your feedback!

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